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  • Do You Have a Story to Tell?

    Let us help you release your ideas into the world while maintaining your artistic license and freedom.

  • Now That Your Initial Manuscript Is Finished, You Need a Place to Start

    We have significant experience in all genres and have the expertise in every area of publishing with emphasis on supporting first time authors.

  • Family History, Business, Poetry, Cooking, and All Genres on the Spectrum Are Supported

    Whether you've completed your manuscript, are in the idea stage, or any place in-between, call us and see if we can point you in the right direction.


Peanut Butter Publishing: Oldest Self-Publishing Company in the Nation

Welcome to Peanut Butter Publishing or Classic Day Publishing, the oldest small self-publishing house in the nation. For over 44 years, we’ve guided authors through the publishing process and provided necessary services that have allowed hundreds of people to fulfill their dreams and accomplish their goals of producing and marketing a book they can be proud of. We work with seasoned authors, but provide additional support and focus for newer authors who may require additional guidance through the process.

We invite you to explore the site and learn about the services we provide. Feel free to call us or drop us a line at info@peanutbutterpublishing.com.


Elliott Wolf
Peanut Butter Publishing

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